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“All Men Must Dine” with HBO and the Andaz Livepool Street

11th- 15th February 2015



eam Wandering Chef doesn’t take too many pains to hide our geekier sides, so we could not have been more excited when HBO approached us to put on a spectacular feast to mark the release of the Season 4 DVD. We raised them an epic evening of entertainment, food and drink themed around a clandestine meeting of the Small Council in King’s Landing. We wanted to celebrate the debauchery and excess of how we imagined the powerful of Westeros lived behind closed door.

The candle lit marble Masonic Temple at the Andaz proved the perfect canvas to cover with a collection of handmade props. Shake in some seriously naughty fools, an even naughtier contortionist, a knight, some musicians and a large handful of serving wenches and the scene was set. The food was a vast theatrical feast of 14 courses, ranging from locusts to eel, giant emu scotch eggs to whole flaming suckling pigs. Complete with the genius mixologists from Grosvenor Events setting up a Maester’s Bar, it was a complete sensory overload.

When the Internet got wind of our plans, things got pretty crazy. And the roller coaster ride of our biggest, most elaborate and high profile pop-up to date did not end till well after the last dry-ice enshrouded plate of Bone Marrow Crème Brulee left the kitchen…

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“It was all, frankly, bonkers. There was a knight on the door, monks serving wine, an acrobat on the table, wenches and fools… I can honestly say The Wandering Chef worked some Red Priestess magic”
- Metro

“The Masonic Temple Room was a fitting venue for the night’s proceedings – in fact, it looked like it could have been a set from the show itself.”
- GQ

“One thing swiftly became clear: this whole affair was a monument to culinary excess… everything was fragrant and delicious”
- The Guardian

“Girls danced, music filled the hall, candles flickered and emotions soared”
- The Londoner

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Upon Arrival:

“A Guarantee of Safety: Bread and Salt”

A Slice of Black Bread with Salt Cured Pork Fat, Smoked Salt, Chives & Roast Garlic

The Agenda:

“The Murder of King Joffery”

Spiced Pigeon, Dried Fruit & Almond Pie

“The Lies of Tyrion Lannister and his Proclaimed Innocence”

Poached Veal Tongue with Beetroot, Horesradish & Oldtown Mustard

“Tales from the East: Daenerys’ Dragons and their Growth”

‘Dragon Eggs’: Giant Emu Scotch Egg with Ham Hock, Prunes, Apple & Sage

“House Tyrell’s Growing Power and Influence in King’s Landing”

A Salad of Dandelion, Nasturtium, Mustard Flowers, Pickled Walnuts and Pear

“The Greyjoy Sorties in the North”

Sweetened Bread with Seaweed Butter

The Messengers:

“Prince Obeyrn’s Decleration that He Will Stand for Tyrion in the Duel”

‘The Red Viper’s Last Supper’: ‘Snake’ Glazed Eel with Green Olives, Preserved Lemons and Dornish Spices

Red Cherry and Herb Stuffed Vine Leaves & Honey Fried Locusts

Fried Dornish Peppers & Pomegranate Salad

“The Dissapearance of Varys and the Crisis of the Kingdom’s Intelligence”

‘Little Birds’: Honey and Lemon Glazed Quail Stuffed with Apricots, Almonds and Sultanas

“The Red Priestess and the Rise of R’hllor”

‘The Burning Pyre’: Flaming Suckling Pig Stuffed with Black Pudding, Apple, Rye Bread and Sage

Served with Black Pudding Ash and a Warm Salad of Pickled Baby Vegetables, Sour Apple & Watercress

“Stannis Baratheon’s Arrival in the North and the Victory Against the Wildlings”

‘The Battlefield’: A Spiced Gingerbread Ice Wall, Bone Marrow Creme Brulee, French Meringue, Citrus Snow & Cherry

Voodoo Blues @ ROXX

April to June 2014


For our sell out success Voodoo Blues we got down and dirty as only the Deep South can. It was wild and mad; our baddest and best to date.

Our guests were met by Papa Legba and gun toting hicks before starting a bizarre journey through the heady, debauched and frenetic night life of the Mississippi. In one night we celebrated and vilified the home of blues, voodoo and bourbon.

Whatever course the evening’s jaunt took, we were able to provide the best of Cajun and Creole food to sustain our guest’s souls through their deranged ramblings. Five sumptuous coursers coincided with the evening’s entertainment and were served up alongside a host of performances, dances and live music, including a four piece Blue’s band and a spectacular Voodoo Queen.

Pudding was served out of the very naughty Voodoo Queen’s lair and then the party started. Remember, this whole evening took place backstage at Roxx Nightclub, the kind of place where the earth collides with the stars….

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“…food and entertainment that make your jaw drop, whilst limiting your vocabulary to ‘OH MY GOD… No pop up has ever come close to doing what they do and for that, I salute them. Again”
- The London Sinner

“Leave your prudish personality at the door, for tonight we are going to live like we have not a care in the world. Sexy, debaucherous, glutinous behavior, swirled in with a hint of voodoo. What’s your poison?”
- Heroine in Heels

“The perfect mix of food and fun”
- Timeout

“Get ready for a night of electric entertainment alongside incredible food!”
- Secret Streets

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Mama and Papa’s Welcome to the South

Voodoo Okra Pickle Back

Papa’s Pork Rinds with Cured Cucumber, Jalapeño and Dill Relish

BBQ’d Salt Brisket with Wedge Salad , Crispy Onions, and Mama’s Buttermilk Ranch

Mambo Crab Shack

New Orleans Po-Boy Slider with Soft Shell Crab, Latin Slaw &  Smoked Chilli and Roast Garlic Mayo

The Sacrifice

Buttermilk Fried Turkey Oysters with a Spiked Cajun Remoulade Salad

Some Bayou Home Comforts

Crawfish, Pork Belly and Grits with Bourbon, Chipotle, Okra and Smoked Tomatoes

Marie Laveau’s Lair

New Orleans Beignets with Bourbon Butterscotch and Smoked Chocolate Sauce 

A Dance with the Green Fairy @ La Maison des Artistes

November to December 2013


For our second set of evenings at this most decadent of nightclubs, we traveled to turn of the century Paris. Well a uniquely Wandering Chef take on this time and its heady, trippy and brightly colored overtones. It was the epoch of the mystical Absinthe Fariy and all that she represented: the magnificent, opulent, tremendous, stupendous, gargantuan, bedazzlement, a sensual ravishment…and that was just the food.

There was a mad riot of velvet, psychedelia and burlesque accompanied by more Pernod Absinthe than is advisable to be in one one room. No-one can predict the mischievous and mysterious machinations of the green fairy, but we could promise an evening of the likes you have never had

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“A pop-up absinthe-infused oral-orgy of oysters, decadence and naked sea-maidens smothered in macaroons for your delectation… well that’s a hard offer to refuse for those that like their truffle mashed and their evenings trashed.”
- Great Little Place

“Top Highlight this month is absinthe fountains and burlesque at The Wandering Chef’s “Dance With The Green Fairy”
-The Nudge

“With the smell of french food, absinthe and glamorous party goer’s perfume lingering in the air, it is fair to say hats off to the chefs, dancers and hosts… The night was a major success!”
-Its Rude to Stare

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The Greens Fairy’s Fruit de Mer Platter

Absinthe Marinated Oysters with Apple and Fennel

Steamed Prawns with a Pernod Garlic Mayonnaise

Salmon Tartare with an Absinthe, Radish and Cucumber Remoulade

The Bastard Love Child Of Onion Soup and Bouillabaisse

Duck and Crab Onion Soup with Froie Gras Sprinles

One Kiss Away From A Plateful Of Princes

Fried Frog’s Legs with Gibriche Salad and Crispy Shallots

Sexy Bistro Time

Seared Faux Filet with Celeriac and Truffle Mash & a Chicory, Garlic and Tarragon Sauce

Too Much Absinthe, Am I seeing Straight?

Seriously Debauched Macaroons

Opium Nights @ La Maison des Artistes

September to November 2013


The first nights of our residency at West London’s hottest new club took their inspiration from the decadent and sultry opium dens of the Orient. A haze of pleasure and decadence descended upon the night and with 7 courses of delectable morsels, a set designed space, live DJs, burlesque dancers, and some seriously sexy dessert we think it made quite an impression!

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“Mixing pop-ups with getting down and naughty, is the uber cool foodie duo who go by the name of The Wandering Chef… South Kensington just got kinky.”
- Bar Chick

“If you’d like to either: Eat absinthe marinated sashimi, lick profiteroles off the body of a naked woman, or do both of the above at the same time, then head to The Wandering Chef’s Opium Nights at La Maison des Artistes”
-The Nudge

“With eating out like this on offer, why would anyone want to return to the pre-pop-up days?”
-Here is the City

“It was next level hedonism that only the Romans could dream of. And we were all over it.”
-Culture Junkie

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Absinthe Marinated Sashimi with Pickled Fennel, Apple and Sesame

Endame and Daikon Salad with a Ginger and Miso Dressing

Soft Shell Crab with Green Mango Salad and Tamarind Mayonnaise

Fried Tempura Prawn with a Burnt Shrimp Dressing

Sticky Aubergines with Miso Broth, Cured Cucumber and Pickled Enoki

Woking Duck

Oriental Profiterole Tower

Latin Seafood Shack with Streetsmart @ Feast Battersea

16th-18th August 2013


What a weekend! Over 700 plates of food were sold to raise money for our wonderful charity parners Streetsmart. We pitched our rather colourful and loud take on a Latin Crab Shack amongst some of London’s finest culinary institutions and cooked up a storm. Our Softshell Crab Sliders with Roast Garlic and Chipolte were undoubtedly the stars off the show. We just could not make enough of them…

Stay tuned for some more mad Crab time fun…

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“We then found a seat and started with probably our favourite dish of the day, a soft shell crab slider. The flavours came together perfectly, and it’s difficult to describe just how delicious it was.”
- The Kizzle and Ellie Blog

“The first offering of the day was a plate of chilli squid with chipotle mayonnaise. Served up tentacles and all, this was absolutely delicious. The squid was tender and perfect, with a crispy crumb coating and not a hint of rubberiness. The spicy mayo made a really pleasant change from the usual aioli/tartare offering. “
-Diary of a Saucepot

“One of the best of The Foodies Festival today – The Wandering Chef Jamie Hazeel’s soft shell crab slider.YUMMY!”

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Soft Shell Crab Sliders with Salsa, Avocado & Roast Garlic and Chipotle Mayo

Sea Bream Ceviche with Avocado Gaspacho, Cured Tomatoes and Crispy Shallots

 Latin Prawn Salad with Charred Lettuce, Fried Tortilla and a Burnt Prawn and Chilli dressing

 Mesquite Spiced Squid with Roast Garlic and Chipotle Mayo

 Mesquite Spiced Chips with Roast Garlic and Chipotle Mayo

Grub Club at the Movies @ Millbank Tower 27th July & 10th August

27th July & 10th August 2013


For this much hyped series of events, we teamed up with the pop-up website GrubClub to create the ultimate food and movie night. Each event took its inspiration from a different film: ‘Fried and Loathing in Las Vegas’ and ‘The Pig Lebowski’. We took over the Millbank Tower cinema with a themed street food feast, plentiful drinks and a set designed space, complete with lookalikes, magicians and a whole host of weird and wonderful happenings…
What’s more the afterparty was held on the 28th Floor.

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“The pickled onion salsa salad, which was some kind of heavenly mixture of proper guacamole and salsa, was so delicious I claimed I might cry.”
- TQS Magazine

“Some frankly amazing chow-themed cult movie nights on the 28th floor of the Millbank Tower.”

” My sufficiency is suffonsified and any more would be obnoxious to my fastidious taste!!! Meaning…DUDE! That was awesome! Perfect 300!”

“I’ve just eaten the best guacamole I think I’ve ever had in my life. The ribs were amazing. Thanks Wandering Chef”

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Fried and Loathing in Las Vegas

Bat Country: Southern Fried chicken with Salsa and a Roast Chilli Sauce

As Your Attorney: Rainbow Burger Buns with Pulled Beef, Tarragon Remoulade and Roast Garlic Mayo

Bloody Hippies: Rainbow Burger Buns and Portebello Mushroom, Tarragon Remoulade and Roast Garlic Mayo

The Pig Lebowski

El Duderino: Chipotle Glazed Ribs with Salsa Salad and Chilli Chips

The Strike: Handmade Hotdog with Gibriche Salad and Tarragon Chips

Ferret Food: Mac and Cheese with Parmesan Crumb and an Apple and Chilli Relish

Head, Shoulders, Veal and Toes, Veal and Toes

12th and 14th June 2013


Have you ever been served veal heart tacos in a surgeon’s box? Surreptitiously sipped on a ‘Urine for Trouble’ cocktail? Neither had we. What better way to celebrate Nose to Tail fortnight we thought than with our very own pop-up Operating Theatre? Was this driven by our dedication to putting on the most exciting and unusual dining experiences? Or was it some deep seated, shared psychosis? No idea. Ask our shrink.

What we know is, five courses of Veal offal delights were served up in all manner of unusual and innovative ways, accompanied by a cocktail bar featuring our favourite medicines and bloody remedies. Fun, frolics and morbid humour abounded for a very tongue in cheek evening.

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“Whimsical pop-up restaurateurs Jamie Hazeel and Lalie Jacout certainly aren’t interested in broaching the subject of offal delicately.”
- The Telegraph

But, as always, the best was saved till last as the proof REALLY was in the pudding. Described by chef Jamie as Queen Victoria’s favourite dessert, the Bloody Good Pudding was bloody good. Who would ever think that bone marrow would be such a delight? In pudding form no less.”
- Its Rude to Stare

“The theme was one of the most creative I had encountered. It was set at the back of a shop in Islington which was made to look like a surgeon’s lair. The attention to detail was extraordinary”
-London Sinner

“If you only go to one pop-up operating theatre serving veal this week, make it Head, Shoulders, Veal and Toes, Veal and Toes at a secret location (revealed when you buy a ticket) on Friday.”

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Crunchy Sweetbreads with Gibriche Salad

Poached Tongue with Smoked Beetroot and Cured Cucumber

Broth of Tete de Veau with Artichokes, Spring Vegetables and Wild Garlic Pistou

Heart Tacos with Avocado, Chipotle Mayonnaise and Tomato Salsa

Bone Marrow Crème Brulee with Bread and Bone Marrow Pudding and Cherry Compote

Christmas Cafe @ Clifton Nurseries

December 2012


Take the beautiful surroundings of West London’s unique garden centre, The Gin Garden’s eccentrically botanic cocktails and The Wandering Chef. The result? A delightfuly quirky christmas pop-up, featuring cocktails and food inspired by the horticultural surroundings and the startling array of exotic ingredients that can be grown in the UK

We relished the challenge of working with such an intriguing brief and creating such unusual food

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“It doesn’t take much more than the sound of some decent grub and strong drink to raise Hot Dinners’ interest, and the idea of a pop-up Gin Garden certainly has our name all over it.”
- Hot Dinners

“They’ve transformed the Clifton Nurseries in Little Venice into a beautiful horticultural setting which is only surpassed by their exotically inspired cocktails… The food menu has been transformed by The Wandering Chef’s Jamie Hazeel who brings fresh innovation to the plate”
-Miss CittyKitty

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Thai Spiced Butternut Squash Soup with Lemon Verbena

Chicken Broth with Dumplings and Rainbow Root Vegetables

Pear, Pickled Walnut and Narsticium Root Salad

Heritage Beetroot, Goats Cheese and Walnut Salad

Ham Hock, Mustard and Roasted Yam Salad

Glazed Pork Belly, Salsify and Pear Salad, a Blue Potato and Pink Pickled Onion Salad

Roast Leg of Lamb, Hazel Nut and Mint Salsa, Peas and Watermelon Radish, Finger Parsnip Fries

Woodlands Farm Open Day

12th August 2012


An exciting venture celebrating seasonal produce from Linconshire’s proudest champion of organic farming, Woodlands Farm. In 2009 the owner, Andrew Dennis, was named famer of the year and his project continues to have a prominent public image promoting the benefits of organically produced food

Martin Real of Liechtenstein and I were asked to stage a pop-up restaurant to promote his food at the farm’s bustling open day

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“It was a fabulous day on the farm… the fire pit was amazing… the pop up restaurant was really fabulous… the food and flavors were great… Woodlands seemed to take on a whole new character. There was a real sense of community and people coming together”
- Sarah Lyon, Slow Food UK

“Jamie’s imaginative and deliciously cooked food- think rainbows and harlequins- added a fabulous pazazz element to the organic and bio-dynamic open day menu. Definitely a wonderful midsummer feast as well as a joy for our one thousand guests here”
-Andrew Dennis, Woodlands Farm

“With the smell of french food, absinthe and glamorous party goer’s perfume lingering in the air, it is fair to say hats off to the chefs, dancers and hosts… The night was a major success!”
-Its Rude to Stare

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Moroccan Meatball and Egg Tagine

Earth Cooked Lamb and Pork

Beetroot, Horseradish and Pumpkin Seed Oil Salad

Woodlands Remoulade, Fennel and Apple Salad

Rainbow Potato, Pickled Onion and Narstircium Salad

Roasted Pumpkin and Carrot Salad

Roasted Cauliflower Salad

Roasted Garlic Aoli, Onion Sauce, Tatziki, Salsa Verde

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