Jamie, Lalie & The Team

“The Wandering Chef is a pair of wizards behind some of the most imaginative pop-up experiences in London.” – FLAVOUR FIRST

  • lalieAvatar


    Mistress of Festivities

    "When it comes to eating, there are few people who know more than our resident fatty boom, Lalie Jacout. Unsurprising as she was born into a family of mad obsessive foodies and has a voracious gusto for most of life's offerings, edible or otherwise

    Quite simply she knows how it should be done; she knows what gets our juices running, our pulses quickening, and our bellies content

    Along with this inimitable cultural savvy she brings some pretty hefty credentials to the party. She has worked with on-schedule London Fashion Week designers and most recently at Mario Testino's creative agency, Higher and Higher. She even put on an fashion show in Mumbai, which featured the designs of six of London Fashion Week's finest, two local superstars, and which was sponsored by Mercedes benz and British Airways

    No list of feats, however, could truly show Lalie's creative flair, silver tongue, and crazy efficiency; in short she has unbelievable skill at producing events and creating atmosphere. Her ability to manipulate the aesthetic of venues, draw all the decorative threads together and imbue it all with a sense of mystique, is quite extraordinary. That's why she is my work wife!"
  • jamieAvatar


    Mess Seargant

    "I first came across Jamie in the Swiss Mountains 5 years back. His Old English charm, unquestionable skill in the kitchen and wicked sense of humour endeared him to the entire family, to such an extent that within the course of the first meal he cooked for us we had decided to adopt him, and have not looked back since

    Jamie's talent has enabled him to cook his way across Europe and beyond, on boats and in castles, from the sunny shores of the Balearic Islands to the alpine slopes of Switzerland. His consumate style of serving food draws heavily on these experiences and heady memories

    His travels and passion for food mean that no nations cuisine is off limits, he will be just as happy to make a British sunday roast as a Vietnamese Pho. Whilst Jamie's approach remains heavily influenced by the traditional values and regional styles he always injects an exciting twist to titillate the palate and surprise the unsuspecting. In short nothing he ever cooks will bore you

    However, his highest priority is the experience of eating; how atmosphere, memories, and the way in which food is served can create such wondrous and satisfying moments. It took us a while to get there but finally we realised that combining forces could lead to something magical.....because for me, at least, Jamie's food is something out of a fairy tale."
  • Chris

    The Wand

    "We first came across Chris when he walked into a house party dressed in a pretty extraordinary gold lame shirt, festooned with leopards. Lalie loved it so much that she offered all she had in her wallet to literally have the shirt off his back, which happened to be a cool 200 swiss francs. After checking the exchange rate, he called back the next day to question the ludicrous expense of his shirt. Having returned the money, he promptly asked for a job.

    Having worked in an impressive selection of Michelin restaurants and earned his stripes under the formidable Koffman, he brings an intensely focused energy and some classical training to The Wandering Chef kitchen. He always puts in the extra mile and launches himself fully into all our projects.

    After he had worked with us on a number of our different pop-ups and events, Jamie proudly declared that he was the only person he had met so far who he would trust cooking his food. Chris then jibed that they are like a wizard and a wand in the kitchen and history has shown that magic does indeed happen. Since that point, it has been our pleasure to hand the reigns of the kitchen at our Notting Hill bar, The Little Yellow Door over to him, where he is now head chef."